Urns perfect for your loved one

Choose from a selection of urns that best suite your loved one

After the passing of a loved one, it can be very difficult to decide what to do with the disposition of the body and if an urn will be purchased.  At Geils Funeral Home we have over 100 years of experience helping our customers choose the best urns to represent and commemorate their deceased loved one. In many cases, you will receive the remains of the deceased in a place holder urn and then after you can decide if you would like to purchase a decorative urn or disperse of the ashes in a special spot.  Depending on where the urn will be on display or what you intend to do with the urn will determine what time of material or size you can choose. In some burial ground there are specific size requirements of the urns.  If you are planning to display the urn outdoors or in a harden perhaps, we can help you pick the best style to match your own taste and decor of the rest of your house.   At Geils funeral home, we are happy to help assist you in choosing what is right for you and your family.   Lastly, for those who would like to keep a small portion of their loved one’s cremated remains,  there are a multitude of keepsake urns, jewelry and other personal items that can accommodate a small portion of cremated remains or even a lock of hair.

There are countless types of materials, designs and themes of urns available.  You can choose to personalize these urns using some time of symbol or insignia that represents your loved one. You can also choose to engrave their name or a phrase or saying on the urn.  This is ultimately up to you whether you want to add on an additional personalization, however; we have several examples that we can share with you.

At Geils Funeral Home in Bensenville, and Wood Dale, We have compiled a vast selection of urn options, most of which are categorized by material, to assist you in finding the most appropriate vessel.

Types of Urns to choose from:

  • Keepsake Urn: This is a kind of urn that comes in smaller sizes where small amount of cremation ashes can be stored.
  • Biodegradable Urn: This type of urn is made from environment friendly products and non-toxic materials and is one of the most popular types of urns in the industry today
  • Companion Urn: This is a very special type of urn where the cremation ashes of two individuals can be stored.
  • Infant Urn: This is a kind of urn where the cremation ashes belonging to an infant or a small child can be stored lovingly.
  • Veteran Urn: This is a kind of urn that helps people to pay tribute to the armed service member who devote their life to serve the nation.
  • Picture Urn: A picture or a photo urn is a great way to display a favorite photo of the deceased. This type of urn looks very similar to a photo frame, but it comes with the secret chamber where the cremation ashes of the deceased can be stored.
  • Religious Urn: This is a kind of urn that can help in showcasing the religious beliefs of the deceased. Such urns are available in many styles, shapes, designs and materials, but they all have one thing in common.
  • Theme Urn: A theme urn is a perfect choice for the family members of the deceased when they wish to highlight a particular hobby, interest or sport of the deceased.
  • Art Urn: This type of urns includes works of fine art along with a secret chamber where cremation ashes can be stored.