Products to commemorate Your Loved One

Choose from a variety of products to celebrate the life of your loved one.


There are some very good reasons why you should consider pre-planning. Please call us at 630-766-3232 to set up and appointment with a caring professional today.
Caskets come in a wide variety of styles and materials. They can be made from inexpensive materials, such as pine and composite board, and cost very little, to bronze and mahogany which can be very expensive. Stainless steel is also very popular. Come in and visit our showroom for more details.
Most cemeteries require that a casket be placed in an outer burial container which can withstand the test of time and the environment. We provide samples of vaults and other outer burial containers in our selection room for the families to preview.
We offer a variety of styles and prices of urns that can be used for ground burial, in niches, for scattering or for keepsake. Some urns are very basic in style while others are more ornate. Let us help you choose the perfect one for your loved one.
Our staff is here to help assist the family with the perfect floral arrangement and tribute that can be displayed for the service, ceremony or visitation.
A variety of memorial items are available that can reflect the life and interest of your loved one.
Our caring staff is here to help you select the perfect permanent marker to designate a physical place where loved ones can pay their final respects.


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