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Ruben Ezekiel Lopez September 6, 1991 - April 25, 2020

Ruben Ezekiel Lopez was born to Heriberto and Betsy Lopez on September 6th, 1991 at
Holy Family Hospital in Des Plaines, Illinois.
He passed on from this life on April 25th, 2020.
Ruben was a beloved little brother to Elizabeth Lopez, Christina Oliver, Cynthia Jackson,
and Jessica Cooper, and was big brother to Manny Lopez. He was a grandson to the late
Ruben and Agustina Lopez and to Donald and Faith Walkwitz, and was uncle to 10
neices and nephews.
Ruben began his life with a struggle for survival. After many long months in 3 different
hospitals in his first year of life, Ruben was diagnosed with CD40 Ligand Defienciency.
This extremely rare immune defienciency left his body defenseless against viruses and
bacteria. Our family would like to sincerely thank Dr. Prudence Krieger and Diane Anto
for their love and constant care for Ruben all throughout infancy and childhood.
Ruben battled this disease for 13 years until God provided a cure for him through his
willing little brother Manny.
In August of 2006, Ruben was admitted to St. Jude Children's Research Hosptial, where
Manny would be his bone marrow transplant donor. Ruben endured this 16 month long
recovery from transplant with positivity, strength, and grace, remarking often how so
many of the other children at St. Jude had a much worse struggle than he did.
Our family also sincerely thanks Dr. Mary Ellen Conley for her lifetime of research
making this transplant possible, and for staying by our side every minute, speaking for,
and fighting for Ruben.
Ruben returned to school as a Sophmore at Fenton High School, and graduated in May
2010. He received a full tuition scholarship for the Automotive Technology A.A.S.
Degree at Lincoln College of Technology in Melrose Park, Illinois.
He held several jobs after completing his degree until he achieved his goal of working for
Nissan, at Arlington Nissan in Arlington Heights, IL.
Ruben was very skilled at working with his hands. He loved fixing cars and motorcycles.
Ruben was always the one that other mechanics at work would go to for help when they
had a problem they could not figure out. When he was asked, "How did you do that?"
his reply would be, "I don't remember, I just did it!"
Ruben also had a deep love for music and was very talented at his guitars. He loved to
"escape" for a time by playing his music.
Ruben loved being outdoors, loved nature, and loved animals. His first pet, other than
our family dog, was his turtle named "Flubber". He had many other pets including his
bearded dragon named "Pancake", and his carpet python named "Bonnie".
Ruben left a legacy that will continue on because of his contribution to medical research.
He made a way for other children with the same disease, including his oldest nephew,
Elijah, who recently went through the same life saving bone-marrow transplant, and is
now a strong healthy 12 year old.
Ruben's gentle heart, artistic music, adventuresome spirit, love for his family, and
willingness to always help others with his skilled hands, will be dearly missed by all who
were close to him.
To God be the glory for 28 years his family and friends had to love and enjoy the
beautiful person of Ruben Ezekiel Lopez.