Permanent Memorialization in Chicago

People bury their dead in tombs and graves because they find comfort in visiting these final resting sites. Grieving loved ones visit graves throughout their healing process, share stories, and feel connected with their deceased loved one. When you choose cremation services and scatter the ashes, this small but vital comfort is gone. At Geils Funeral Home, we recommend permanent memorialization so you have some place to visit during your time of need.

What is Permanent Memorialization in Chicago?

A permanent place can be any monument or place where you can feel a connection with a deceased loved one. It is a physical reminder of the loved one and can take different forms. Here are some examples of permanent memorialization:

  • Cremation garden or tree – Family members can bury the ashes in the ground and plant a tree or garden on top of it. This creates a memorial place you can visit and find comfort in.
  • Urn in a Columbarium – A columbarium is a vertical wall with small pockets to store urns. Every pocket is marked by the deceased individual’s name and information. Grieving family members can visit the location when they want to feel connected with their departed loved one.
  • Cemetery – Some cemeteries provide space to bury ashes and create marked grave sites over them. These can be a permanent place to visit and also provide a record for future generations.

Find the right memorial for your loved one in Chicago

Permanent memorialization in Chicago isn’t just limited to the options mentioned above. There are a number of creative and unique ways to create memorial spaces that can offer comfort and solace in the most trying times. You can speak with one of our funeral directors and find out what is the right situation for your loved one.

If you want to know more about permanent memorialization in Chicago, just give us at Geils Funeral Home a call. You can contact 630 766 3232 or use this form to get in touch.