Designing Your Funeral in Chicago

Funerals are a comforting ritual for everyone involved and they are a good way to honor a deceased loved one. However, it is important to make sure it is done right. Many grieving family members don’t take the time to plan the funeral services and regret their decision later. At Geils Funeral Home, we always encourage people to consider all aspects involved carefully. It is possible to design your Chicago funeral with minimal effort. Here are the factors you need to consider:

Choose Where and When the Funeral Will Happen

You can choose the day, date, time of day, and location of the funeral during the funeral planning process. A funeral home will do their best to accommodate all your needs and it isn’t too difficult to find an open slot. It’s a good idea to consider the wishes of other family members carefully before making a decision. For example, people living out of state might need some time to travel and attend the funeral.

Music, Speeches, and Prayers Customized for your loved one’s funeral

Music sets the tone and creates a comforting environment during the funeral. You can play the deceased individual’s favorite music as long as it is appropriate as that will be another way to connect with them. Family and friends can also share their memories through eulogies and prayers, with the attendees. You can choose who should speak on the occasion.

Types of Funeral

Family members have a choice between cremation and traditional burials. It is important to consider both of these options carefully and make a decision after discussing it with other family members. Cremations are permanent and the body can’t be exhumed if needed. Collect as much information as you can on both processes before making a decision.

Funeral Directors that help design your Chicago Funeral

If you want to know more about designing your funeral in Chicago, just give our experienced and courteous funeral planners at Geils Funeral Home a call. You can contact 630 766 3232 or use this form to get in touch.