Cremation Services in Chicago

Cremation is an ancient ritual that is still practiced in many countries all over the world, but it has only started gaining attention in the US recently. Many people consider it a good alternative to traditional burials and the recent trends suggest that cremations are becoming more and more planned into the funeral process. At Geils Funeral Home, we have handled several cremations over the years and understand the process well.

How Do Cremation Services in Chicago Work?

While most people know what cremation is, they don’t really understand the process and that causes some uncertainty. Here’s a brief explanation of how the process works:

  • The body is transported to the funeral home after death and the funeral director files all the required paperwork.
  • There’s a short waiting period before the cremation can be carried out. During this period, a medical examiner examines the body, the paperwork gets approved, and the funeral home is given the permission to cremate.
  • Family members can choose to embalm the body but it isn’t necessary.
  • Families can hold a wakes or memorial service before the cremation.
  • After the formalities are complete, the body is taken to the crematorium and cremated.
  • It takes a few hours for the body to completely disintegrate save for a few bone fragments. Often surgical metal like screws and plates, if any, are also left behind.
  • Bone fragments are removed from the remains and pulverized to turn into ashes. These ashes are placed inside an urn and handed over to the family.

You can choose to bury the ashes in a special cremation burial ground, store them in your home or in a columbarium, or even scatter them. We can plan and organize the entire process for you.

Cremation Service Experts for your loved one

We understand that intricacies and complexities to the cremation process.  Our compassionate funeral directors are here to assist you with whichever route you wish to take with your loved one.  We believe that cremation is a great way to honor your loved one and to keep a part of them with you

If you want to know more about cremation services in Chicago, just give us at Geils Funeral Home a call. You can contact 630 766 3232 or use this form to get in touch.