Burial Services in Chicago

A burial service is a final ritual where a deceased individual’s body is placed in a grave. Families, loved ones, and mourners say their final goodbyes during this process and get on the path towards healing. At Geils Funeral Home, we can make arrangements for the entire burial service so you can focus on your grief and healing.

The Burial Service Process

This process can vary from one family to another based on their particular requirements. There’s no hard and fast rule to follow so you can choose an option that offers the best comfort. Here’s a look at the process and options:

Immediate Burial

This requires minimal planning, but it also doesn’t offer the chance to say goodbye. The deceased individual’s body is buried without a memorial service, wake, or another similar service.


A visitation or wake is when family and friends visit the body to say their final goodbye. The deceased person is placed in an open or closed casket. This allows everyone to see the departed soul for the last time and offer comfort to the family.

Funeral or Memorial Service

This requires more funeral planning but it also allows more people to visit and offer condolences. The service usually takes place in a funeral home, but you can also choose a graveside service. During this service, the decedent is laid to rest in the ground in the presence of loved ones.

Chicago Burial Services

All burial services in Chicago include a funeral casket, care for the deceased individual’s body, transport, obtaining a death certificate, informing social security, and professional assistance with planning.

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